The Collateral Duty Safety Officers Course (CDSO) is designed to give newly appointed safety officers the knowledge and skills necessary to eventually be able to set up a local safety program. This 4-week course teaches some safety history as well as specific duties required of the CDSO. By the end of the course, the CDSO will have the necessary skills to manage a unit safety program.

The purpose of this course is to provide primary teachers in grades K-2, literacy specialists, administrators, anyone seeking a Reading Specialist Credential, or a Multiple Subject teaching credential the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of Interactive Writing (IW). IW is a best practice literacy tool used to enhance any English Language Arts program. This course will provide the learner with an understanding of the historical and theoretical perspectives of IW and the necessary steps to implement this instructional tool into their daily practice.

This 4-week course helps students to meet the California state standards in reading. One of the standards and a major standard that many students fall short of is being able to compare and contrast two texts. This course is intended to give the students all of the skills and strategies they need to be able to effectively look at two stories with their similarities and differences.