This participatory video production course will introduce the key concepts to do-it-yourself video production and video production terminology for purpose of producing a 3-5 minute self-promotional video to support current day technical vocational skills and/or employment in a competitive job market. Participants will collaborate online in teams with fellow women veterans to critically analyze, evaluate and discuss others’ video projects, concerns, and issues in regard to entry into the civilian workforce. In addition, participants will execute their procedural knowledge to real-world career building and networking opportunities via implementation of current social media platforms and supportive women veteran sisterhood.

Additional information in regard the course:

The course development is inspired by Sun & Moon Vision’s collaboration with Operation Reinvent ( and the unique challenges that women veterans may face in the return to civilian life.  In 2015, PBS reports that statistically, unemployment rates for female veterans are higher than for other women, as well as for male veterans. In addition, “female veterans are at least twice as likely to be homeless than women who haven’t worn a uniform.” (

Our women veterans deserve support for their courage, sacrifice, and service to our country. This course aims to aid in communicating transferable leadership skill sets of our women veterans using today’s most powerful online medium, video technology. 


This course will introduce participants to Google Sheets along with its essential functions. The course will help students create, design, share Google Sheet presentations.

In this course participants will create a presentation in Google Slides and throughout the course participants will proceed to make modify and further develop their presentations by adding more specific elements such as: title changes, slide layouts, background images, insertion of media and sharing them for collaboration.


This course introduces audio enthusiast and novice sound engineers to digital audio theory and interaction with software signal routing, and synchronization of audio streams. Topics include digital storage media, basic DAW operation and methods, compression, equalization; audio levels settings, listening analysis perspectives, intermediate project production and audio engineering fundamental skill-sets.