Charity Image from Ronn Torossian

In this course, students explore non-profit charities, identify examples and explain their impact in the local community and around the world. Students will investigate what defines a non-profit charitable organization is, analyze the charity’s performance and communicate what a charity needs by creating a flyer or brochure.

Mastering the Basics In GCSS: Critical Maintenance Issues is designed to give Maintenance Marines in-depth study and practice in the critical functions, forms and processes  associated with initiating and recording standard maintenance activities.

Engineering can be found all around us.  From the toothbrush you use every morning, the concrete roof over your head, or even the shoes that you wear, engineers played the crucial role of conceptualizing, designing and then eventually creating those items.  Engineers bridge the gap between the art and the science of products to ensure that these concepts can be created and then safely used for the public good.  In order for them to do this, they work together individually and collaboratively in teams using a systematic design-build process to help them solve the issues to bring these products to life.  

By the end of this course, you will replicate the engineering design process to 90% accuracy  to identify a specific problem and engineer a creative solution to that problem.