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"Rooted in Multimedia & Graphic Design: Literacy for Graphic Designers " is a blended course that will be used to increase content area literacy in the Multimedia & Graphic Design class. The focus will be on vocabulary and concepts that are vital to this industry. Students will increase their reading, writing and literacy in the Multimedia & Graphic Design content area by increasing their knowledge of Multimedia & Graphic Design vocabulary and concepts. The topics to be covered include: Intro to Macs, Industry Trends and History, Concept Development, Basic Drawing, Elements of Design, Principles of Design, and Intro to Graphic Design. Students will have the opportunity to choose which activities they want to complete thereby allowing for learner centered differentiated instruction.

This is an elective direct-study science online course, which is provided by Konawaena High School. After completion of this course, you will receive a one-year science credit. The course focuses on scientific method and science fair. Throughout the year you will be conducting research, exploring a topic of your choice, designing and performing a scientific experiment, then drawing a conclusion from your results. This process meets the Hawaii of Science Academy expectations.  The Konawaena Science Fair online course will provide you the support to allow you to create a science fair research display. Afterwards, you will be entering in at least one official science fair competition.


This is a required unit on electromagnetism from the general Physical Science 9th grade course. The areas of study that will be covered within the electromagnetism unit will be transverse waves, the eight different types of frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum and the important usage/ effects of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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AR101 is an online tutorial course that aids new English Language Arts (ELA) middle school teachers with implementing Accelerated Reader (AR) in their classrooms.

Learning Flash in a Flash online instruction will teach students the basics of how Adobe Flash works and how to create simple animations. The instruction will begin with an exploration of the Flash interface. The course will incorporate learning various techniques in Flash including creating non-moving animations, moving animations, classic tweening, shape tweening, and motion tweening. Special effects techniques will also be examined.

This course is designed to introduce Boeing's employees, and Human Resources Department, to an alternative method of administering future training classes. "Moodle" is suggested as a primary tool for this purpose, and will be available as a four weeks course. You will be introduced to Moodle and familirize yourself with the site in order to participate in all upcoming training classes.