This is a training course for instructors new to the MS ADL,

In this instructional unit, students participate in a writing workshop to create a one-act play that demonstrates understanding of dramatic structure and playwriting techniques including proper formatting. Additionally, students will demonstrate the use of proper workshop etiquette through the use constructive feedback and collaborative creative work.

Digital Photography 1 will be a yearlong blended introductory course in digital photography using mobile devices to take pictures and to upload them online.  This instruction and course work for this course will use Moodle learning management system  for blended instruction.  

This course will provide students with opportunities to gain current knowledge and practical skills used in the art and industry of photography. This course will familiarize the student with fundamentals of light, photographic equipment, software programs, applications, materials, methods, and processes often used in digital photography. The students will also study the history, composition, ethics, criticism and presentation of photography both film and digital.

An introduction to astronomy is a high school science elective for students who are willing to give a little time in the evening to look up, and a little more to master this online course.  It will be conducted in the Moodle learning management system as a four week module.  Topics will begin with some interesting history of astronomy and how various cultures viewed the heavens.  Learning and mapping the night sky will lead to star navigation and finally to modern issues in astronomy.    This course will be conducted at a beginners level, and hopefully will lead to a super hobby that will last a lifetime!

Westward Expansion

Courtesy of Mesa Schools

Manifest Destiny: Before and Beyond is a four week course for high school 10th students. The course is conducted in a learning management system called Moodle. The tasks identify westward expansion from a global and United States perspective.  The themes begin with world history examples of ancient civilization conquests to government action taken to promote westward movements of people in early America. The course is chunked and sequenced to connect historical events to the modern era with discovery learning, problem solution research and scholarly writing.