This course has been developed to assist adult learners and provide students with the necessary preparation and interview techniques in addition to leveraging social media presence for professional gains and development. The elements associated with “landing the job you've always wanted” (but didn't think you could qualify for) will be discovered in conjunction with one’s personal and professional goals.

The course is intended to assist people by equipping them with knowledge in the realm of career development, interviewing techniques and professional support. 

By the completion of this course students will have the ability to:

  • Indicate, interpret, and describe elements of comprehensive job analysis (in conjunction with one's professional skill set)
  • Design and describe effective employment goals and objectives
  • Develop interview techniques, involving the importance of identifying priorities and strategies expand upon professional capabilities 
  • Identify and utilize effective tools, support systems and social media strategies to leverage one's capabilities to succeed within their desired line of work

This course is designed to help you manage insomnia (trouble falling and/or staying alseep). The course will provide psychoeducation and practical techniques/tools to promote better sleep.

In this course:

  • You will evaluate your sleep hygiene and lifestyle to determine areas that you can improve. 
  • You will use a sleep log and document your sleep daily to identify specific areas of sleep routine that need support and interventions.
  • You will integrate one medicinal plant as part of your sleep ritual. 
  • You will select and implement three (lifestyle and sleep hygiene) changes to improve the quality of your sleep. 

Welcome 5th Graders! In this unit you will be learning all about invention and innovation by creating and designing a new toy and commercial!

Unit 1- Invention and Innovation

Unit 2- Commercial Script and Storyboard

Unit 3- Build Model, Film and Edit Commercial

Unit 4- View, Share and Reflect Commercial

Hi, Welcome to Photoshop!

As the title implies, this course teaches students the fundamental skills required to conduct a thorough “career exploration”. Students will participate in interest, aptitude, and values assessments, research several careers, research education and training opportunities, and finally examine the relationship between educational outcomes and career opportunities.

 We will also spend time exploring the differences between professional certifications and apprenticeships, as well as how to effectively research which are a solid investment in both your time and money. 

This course is designed to provide a sample for my EDT609 students.